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Dismantled review

Dismantled – Post-Nuclear
Metropolis 305

Dismantled launches their sophomore album “Post Nuclear”, a 10-track collection that is not geared to the dance floor but more towards the ear of the listener. It offers complex soundscapes and very strong song-writing that makes you listen deeper and deeper into the album until it has come to the finish, leaving you with the impression that much effort was put behind the work. It’s also received praise from the likes of Davey Havok of AFI, Daniel Myer of Haujobb, and ID Software’s Christian Antkow, who personally contributed a remix to the Exit single while hard at work on Doom 3.

A rollercoaster of an album is possibly the best way to describe the work, as some songs start off slow and unpredictable only drop you into a freefall whirlwind of harsh screaming and rapid militant beats. A prime example would be “The Swarm” which shows the versatility of Dismantled at their best as it starts out with a throbbing bass line before winding down and thrusting the listener into the chorus, surprisingly up-beat and accessible while at the same time edgy and aggressive.

One thing to point out is the excellent transition from “Cornered” into “Exit,” the first single off the album. As “Cornered” winds down with a droning atmosphere building behind a haunting piano piece, the melody seems to drift off before coming back in full force in “Exit,” where it serves as the key driving force along the pounding drum beats and vocals full with raw energy and emotion. The track’s ending overflows with melody as piano solos, strings, and a pounding bassline overwhelm and draw you into the dense melodic soundscape Dismantled is so well-known for.

Those who saw Dismantled play live for the first time in 2003 noticed the dramatic difference from the album sound to the live sound as more organic and less synthesized. Barely any vocal treatment could be heard on which the first album relied so heavily on and which spawned the comparison to Frontline Assembly in the first place. The new album seems to capture this difference of sound and incorporate elements from 80’s new wave to rock in order to give themselves a unique musical identify which makes it hard to compare to any one else in the Industrial/EBM genre, an achievement which is great within itself.

Written by Dj Carrion.
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