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01. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Accessory)
02. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Cenotype)
03. A.L.F. (REconstructed by E-Craft)
04. A.L.F. (REconstructed by GASR)
05. A.L.F. (REconstructed by hEADaCHE)
06. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Infection Agenda)
07. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Muted Logic)
08. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Negative Format)
09. A.L.F. (REconstructed by Cesium 137)
10. Ausland (REconstructed by Haujobb)
11. Bells Of War (REconstructed by Accessory)
12. Bells Of War (REconstructed by DJ Ravage)
13. Bells Of War (REconstructed by DJ Moz)
14. Bells Of War (REConstructed by Terrorfakt)
15. Hate Like This
16. H- Bomb
17. Fire Cleanses All pt. 1

$15.00 USD Postage PAID!
Email: TERRORFAKT@aol.com for ordering infos!


V/A - Fifteen Minutes into the Future - The Second Das Bunker Compilation

Track Listing:
Aural Blasphemy - NMC
Waste – Irradiated Non-Future (DJ Rekahoe RMX)
Converter – Monster/Death Time (live mix @ Das Bunker)
Asche – 2nd Scrape
Discipline Unit – Buttmonkey
Combichrist – Das Der Bunker
Consume – Barnyard Love
C/A/T – Cleared Channel
Terrorfakt – H-Bomb
Inure – Hymen
Wolfbain – Castle of the Dammed
Imperative Reaction – Faded Into One (Terrorfakt RMX)
Rugitus Æterinam – DIÆ
PAL – R-Forschung (Bunkerknaker Remix)
Manufactura – FIN (Gritendo remix)
Iszoloscope – Axel F

$15.00 USD Postage Paid
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deCODEr V.2
Infacted Recordings (http://www.infacted-recordings.de)
Fact 3021-2 V.A. - deCODEr V.2.

Johan van Roy aka SUICIDE COMMANDO is the mastermind behind the CODE label.
As a collaboration between CODE and INFACTED RECORDINGS he presents a massive compilation bringing you some of the most talented new EBM/DarkElectro bands of our time. Expect a great compilation featuring harsh and rough electro beats, distorted vocals and strong melodies to make you dance to!!!
The Cd features 16 tracks with a running time of almost 80 minutes and 95% exclusive tracks and remixes by Agonoize, X-Fusion, Arzt + Pfusch, Plastic Noise Experience, Hioctan and many more! We´ve opened the gate... to HELL!!!


01 Agonoize - open the gate (exclusive mix)
02 Dunkelwerk - die sechste armee (m.a.o. mix)
03 Die sektor - lust angel (exclusive track)
04 X-FUSION - guilty mass
05 Contrast - follow the leaders
06 Arzt+Pfusch - cthulhu supermarket
07 discipline unit - advanced surpression
08 TERRORFAKT - Arsenal (exclusive track)
09 coinside - eremit
10 Plastic noise experience - plastik fantastik
11 Controlled collapse - guidance (X-FUSION remix)
12 Klaustrophobik - you can1t x-plain
13 Severe Illusion - surveillance
14 Hioctan - narrow (exclusive track)
15 Invidious - freier mensch
16 Virtual >< embrace - the end (exclusive mix)


TERRORFAKT - first VINYL release!
Thats right!
My first VINYL release on Industrial Movement Records (http://www.industrialmovement.nl) is IN!!!!!!!
Industrial Movement is a collaboration between Industrial Strength Records (http://www.industrialstrengthrecords.com) & The Third Movement Records (http://www.thethirdmovement.nl)

Not only is it the FIRST release for this new label but its also on WHITE VINYL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Track Listing:

Side A:
1. Spineless
2. No Mercy
Side B:
1. Malice
2. Furak

I only have 2 copies left to sell for right now, so get em fast....
Apparently according to Lenny Dee the initial 500 they pressed sold out in TWO DAYS!!!!! So they are now running a second pressing.... however the first pressings are all on white vinyl!

You can order them directly from me for $15.00 USD postage paid!

Email TERRORFAKT@aol.com for more infos
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